Coro Polifónico da Lapa

The Coro Polifónico da Lapa was founded in 2000 – the Year of Bach – by Ferreira dos Santos. They sing music composed for the liturgy and sacred music such as Masses, Oratorios and Motets from various periods. The choir’s repertoire includes works by Bach, Mozart, Rheinberger, Dvorak, Saint Saens, Nicolai, Palestrina, etc. Although the choir mainly sing at Lapa Church (midday Sunday Mass and concerts), they also accept invitations to sing elsewhere. The choir is made up of 70 members, rehearses twice a week under the direction of Filipe Veríssimo, director of music at Lapa Church. Members are offered the opportunity to improve both their musical and vocal skills through a carefully thought-out programme of musical and voice training. Programming, training and concerts are the responsibility of the Artistic Committee, which includes Ferreira dos Santos and Filipe Veríssimo, among others. [Versão Portuguesa ]

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